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Our visit to O ya, NewYork,NY

( Kampachi Sashimi with Hokkaido Uni)

If you go to Oya and order Omakase 18 course dinner, expecting sushi, then you may be surprised.

(Toro Nigiri)

You can review most of the dishes on yelp ( and certainly from this blog post as well.)

(Egg Nigiri with Beef Powder)

In a nutshell, 18 course Omakase was not sushi at all or more than sushi. The sashimi was more like Italian Carpusshio with different types of oil and flavors. Most Nigiri was seared with a variety of toppings.

(Fried Oyesters with Squid Ink)

(Ama Ebi with Yuzu Tobiko)

(Seared Toro Nigiri)

(Anago with Thai Basil Nigiri)

So, you expect traditional Edo•Mae Nigiri; we recommend going somewhere else (or just flying to Tokyo.) Fantastic plates and impeccable service make the 2-hour dinner go very quickly.

120 e 28th st, new york, NY 10016

TEL (212) 204-0200



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