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Restaurant Recommendation:YAYOI, Palo Alto

We mentioned about eatsa in Berkeley and YAYOI in Palo Alto offers the same ordering system using iPad type interface.

It's a "Teishoku" style restaurant, which means "a set-meal" in Japanese. Similar to many Kaiten Sushi restaurant chains in Japan, customers can order their food through the small pad interface located at each table.

When you walk in first, you may feel "strange" because no one will come to your table to take your orders. Instead, you need to look at their printed menu or go through the menu on a screen.

When you decide, just click and put your orders in the cart, then press "order."

After placing the order, the screen will tell you if your food is being "cooked" and finished.

Grilled Saba and Miso Eggplant and Pork Dinner

Clam cooked in Sake

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