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2023 Update: Where to Find Sushi-Grade Fish for Homemade Sushi Delights

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

January 5, 2023 UPDATE:

Here are some new additions to the list of online sites that offer sushi grade fish.


Southern California




In recent years, online shopping has expanded, allowing us to purchase many products from the comfort of our homes. Fresh fish, once a questionable online purchase, is now more accessible, especially after the post-COVID lockdowns in the US in 2021. Thanks to advancements in logistics and freezing technologies, sushi-grade fish is becoming increasingly available, even in areas where it was previously scarce.

As restaurants and catering companies faced temporary or permanent closures during the lockdowns, many wholesale fish companies pivoted to selling their products online. Consequently, what may have been exclusively reserved for restaurants is now within reach for home chefs and sushi enthusiasts.

To address the most common question posed during our in-person and online sushi-making classes, "Where can I get fish for sushi?" I have compiled a list of supermarkets and fish sellers that offer sushi-grade fish.

(Hamachi Sashimi, from Marukai Supermarket, Cupertino, CA)


The Importance of Sushi-Grade (or Sashimi Grade) Fish

When purchasing fish for sushi, look for the terms "Sashimi" or "Sushi Grade" on the label. While there is no official FDA designation for these terms, "Sushi Grade" typically means the fish is suitable for raw consumption. For instance, salmon labeled simply as "Salmon" at supermarkets like Whole Foods or Costco is intended for cooked dishes. To ensure you have the right fish, look for labels specifying "Sushi Grade Salmon" or "Sashimi Salmon."

If you are still determining the quality of the fish, feel free to ask the seller if it is indeed sushi grade.

Where to Buy Sushi-Grade Fish: A Comprehensive List

The following are some of the places where you can purchase sushi-grade fish, along with some notable supermarkets:

Ranch 99

(photo from Wikimedia)

99 Ranch (53 stores primarily in California, with other locations in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia) - Offers a range of ingredients for Asian cuisine, including sushi essentials.

If you go there, you can find most ingredients for Asian food including sushi ana Japanese.


A Japanese supermarket chain with a great selection of fish for home sushi-making.

(Photo: Wikimedia)




Northern California

Located in San Francisco. They sell Breakthrough Sushi's sushi kit for our online sushi making classes.

Super Mira, San Francisco

Central California

Southern California

Kai Gourmet, Gardena





Washington DC



New Jersey

(Sushi Kit for One from Yama Seafood - contents subject to change due to availability)




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