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Which Sake do you recommend for Sushi?

Many of our clients asked us for our sake recommendations for their parties.

Here is a list of what we recommended them to purchase.

1. Born Gold

We discovered "Born Gold" at a restaurant show in San Francisco. "Born Gold is a draft and non-carbon filtered sake aged at 14 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 year. It has a robust body with a complex flavor and a pure, uplifting sweet ," from D Way Beverage inc. At $38 retail, this pure Junmai Daiginjyo (the highest grade) sake is a dynamite. Its smooth, clean and bold taste will go well with any type of sashimi and sushi especially salmon and white fish.

Born has won numerous international sake awards including " IWC 2010" (International Wine

Challenge). One of our clients said, "This tastes like a smooth Chardonnay!" Most importantly, Born has no "Added alcohol" like other sake. Did you know that most of sake has "added" alcohol after its brewed?

No added alcohol means Born remains pure, and that is the reason it has won so many awards and recognition outside of Japan.

2. Wakatake Onigoroshi - "Demon Slayer"

Hands down, this green bottled Sake is our client's favorite. Smooth and balanced rich in flavor, we think this goes well with virtually any Sashimi and Nigiri.

“A purring nose of soft ripe fruits and twinge of citrus. From the first pass on the tip of the tongue, it is apparent that this brew is built around a perfect blend of tones such as lychee and has a gentle acidity play. Ripe cantaloupe and tropical fruit flavors and a semi citrus tingle dance through the mouth and end in a smooth and creamy aftertaste.”

3. Kubota Manju (10,000 Ostentatious-nesse)

Kubota is another popular sake you can find at many top Japanese restaurants in the US. Manju, the top of the line label will never let you down. Many people described it as smooth as water - almost too smooth leaving nothing but Umami-Rich and clean aftertaste.

4. Ken (The Sword) Daiginjyo

“The nose is filled with strawberry, banana, cantaloupe, and watermelon. A clean and bold Daiginjo with a snap. .. There is an abundance of crisp flavors that makes this sake a favorite of those who like a clean and balanced Daiginjo with attitude. More fruit tones come out closer to room temp.”

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