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Science of Sushi - Talk at FST@UC Berkeley

I was back again at Food Science and Tech @ UC Berkeley to give a talk and demonstration, "Science of Sushi."

What is FST@ UC Berkeley?

"Food Science and Tech at Cal aims to bring together students at UC Berkeley who share a passion for food science and related technologies. We are the first and only food science organization on campus, and work closely with the College of Chemistry and Department of Nutritional Sciences to educate about food-related issues."

I briefly talked about the history of Sushi, mentioning how people in South East Asia used Salt and Rice to preserve fish. Then, I discussed the types of Sushi, the traditional curing method, "Shime," Fish aging and the Chemistry of Sushi Rice, and Umami, the savory taste.

I would like to thank Ben Mastracco, a Sensory technician at Clif Bar in Emeryville for joining me, and Clare Yue Lou, the president of FST@ UC Berkeley, to organize this event.

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