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What are the best and coolest ways to eat your food like a pro?

Wasabi Pastel drawing by Chef Kaz Matsune

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Eating Fish Sashimi It's likely that many people are used to putting wasabi into soy sauce, making wasabi soy sauce first, then dipping a slice of fish in. However, putting wasabi in soy sauce takes away the nice aroma of wasabi because the chemical responsible for wasabi aroma is dissolved into soy sauce. A good way to enjoy wasabi with sashimi is to put wasabi on top of fish, and dip the fish lightly into soy sauce. This way, you can taste the flavor and aroma of wasabi with fish.

As you chew, you will create a wonderful harmony of wasabi, fish, and soy sauce in your mouth. Also, try using Tamari or Sashimi Soy Sauce, which has a deeper flavor and aroma than regular soy sauce. Eating Nigiri Sushi There are many "correct ways to eat sushi" online infographics sighting, one should flip the nigiri and dip the fish side into soy sauce, rather than the rice side, which most sushi restaurant patrons in US do. There is a way to eat nigiri done by the person who invented the nigiri sushi. It is said that Yohei Hanaya was the person who invented nigiri sushi circa 1,800 in Tokyo. The way Yohei eat his sushi was putting Gari/Ginger into soy sauce, then rub it on top of fish on nigiri instead of dipping the whole nigiri into soy sauce. The soup comes at the end of the meal. In the US, almost all Japanese restaurants serve miso soup at the beginning of the meal. This is because soup comes at the beginning of the meal in western-style cuisine. However, in Japan, when eating sushi, the soup comes at the end of the meal. Also, generally speaking, it is NOT miso soup, but clear broth soup called "Osui•Mono." When eating fish sashimi, by all means, try using Fresh Wasabi. Most so-called Wasabi served at US restaurants is horseradish and yellow mustard with food coloring, which is totally different thing from Wasabi. If you are eating nice fresh fish sashimi at home, I strongly recommend you to try purchasing fresh wasabi (at your local Japanese grocery store or online).

When you do, also recommend using wasabi grater, made of shark skin.

To grate wasabi, slowly move your wasabi in a circular motion.

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