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We're approaching the end of Salmon Season

All good things must come to an end – well, almost, until next year. It looks like we’re approaching the end of local king salmon season, switching to coho and steelhead from Oregon, some king salmon from Alaska. Here is an email from our fish supplier, Monterey Fish Market for the sustainable fish market update. Market Update Salmon- California kings- eight days of fishing left- we have just a few kings in the house but we expect to see a push of fish next week. You can order and we may get a few small boat fish in tonight to cover. Alaska troll kings start on October 7. Oregon remains open but the bite is off and the fishermen are off the water. Coho- Ocean troll out of Alaska and gillnet fish out of Washington. Both have good size, color, and flavor. We should have Washington Coho through October - Alaska Coho ends this weekend. Steelhead- Early fish are large, nine pounds and up from Quillayute River Washington. This becomes the 'go-to' wild salmon in the winter. Prices on the Coho and Steelhead are reasonable. Local halibut and white seabass- Seems over for the season; very little fish out of Santa Cruz, might make a comeback but unlikely. Sushi-grade fluke is available. Bluenose seabass is hit and miss with weather problems affecting supply. Tropical Fish- A San Diego boat landed Mahi, opah, and ono for Friday sales. Ono is plentiful, break out the mango salsa. With a lack of large seabass-style fish and good pricing, it is worth a try. Local Fish- Squid, Petrale, rockfish, and lingcod remain strong and steady. Local crabs start the second Tuesday in November.

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