Rare Sushi Ingredients - Shiro Ebi (White Shrimp), Toyama, Japan

Shiro Ebi, means white shrimp is only found in Toyama Japan. It’s about 6-7cm (2-2.5inches) in length, living deep see about 100-600meters. It has slightly pink color when arrive and becomes white after it dies. Because it must be very fresh for raw consumption such as sushi, until recently, it was only served at local sushi restaurants in Toyama region. As such, many Japanese are unfamiliar with Shiro Ebi Sushi. It has very sweet flavor like sweet shrimp. Because of it’s beautiful color, it is often referred to as Jewel of Toyama. I have a chance to try this shrimp when I visited Toyama during summer, and it was just fantastic!

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