Red Dragon Roll

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

While many Dragon Roll recipes call for Unagi, Fresh Water Eel, most of the Red Dragon Rolls are missing Unagi. Another ingredient missing from Red Dragon Roll is the eel sauce as it has spicy tuna on top. If you like that sweet BBQ eel sauce on your roll, sure, it’s perfectly Ok to pour some of that. However, my recommendation is to use mayo or cream based cause for spicy tuna, perhaps simple ponzu or citrus sauce just might do it.

Red Dragon roll will require the making of shrimp tempura, so it will take more time to prep and make. If making shrimp tempura is too much of a task, you can substitute it with pre-fried shrimp tempura found in a frozen food section at your supermarket. Just microwave or in an oven for a few minutes, and you will have a tempura shrimp ready to be rolled!


Scrape tuna

Never chop your tuna. Chopping tuna with the knife will make it taste bland.

I don’t know why (meaning the scientific reason behind this), but tuna tastes good when it’s chunky. This is the reason why tuna sashimi is normally cut thicker than other fish. When making spicy tuna, make sure to scrape with a spoon.

Tempura Batter

Make “egg water” first. When you make egg water, make sure to pour water in a bowl first, then add the egg. If place the egg in the bowl, and add water, it will produce undissolved egg white.

Cold water vs. Normal water?

Many recipes call for ice cold water or add water to the tempura batter. The verdict, according to the Michelin stared Japanese tempura chef, there is no need to use ice cold water. “It will only make it difficult to fry because it will create more temperature difference between the batter and the oil.”

Ingredients (for one roll):


½ (200g) cup Sushi Rice

1 Nori Seaweed, half sheet

1/4 oz. (7g) Sesame Seeds, Roasted (white or black)

Spicy Tuna

¼ lbs. (100g) Tuna Pieces, Sushi Grade

1 tbl (15ml.) Sriracha (or hot sauce of your choice)

1 tbl (15ml.) Mayo

Dash Sesame Oil (substitute with Olive Oil)

¼ oz. (7g) Scallions, Thinly cut

Shrimp Tempura

2pcs Shrimp, 21/26 size

1 egg

3 oz. (100 g) Flour

1.5 cups (360 cc) water

Rice Bran Oil (or Canola Oil)

Sesame Oil


Cutting Board


Large Spoon

Makisu, Sushi Rolling Mat

Plastic Wrap

Small sheet pans (or plate)

Small Bowl


Frying pan

Tong or Long Wood Cooking Chopsticks



Make Sushi rice (follow this recipe)

Spicy tuna

Scrape tuna with a spoon. Never chop the tuna with your knife, as chopping will the texture mushy and make the tuna flavor go away. Mix scraped tuna with Sriracha, Mayo, Sesame Oil and chopping scallions in a bowl.

Shrimp Tempura

Make “egg water.” In a small bowl, pour 1.5 cups of water first, then egg.

Egg white is water soluble, so when you place it egg in the water, egg white will dissolve first, then egg yolk. When you beat egg in a bowl first and then add water, some of the egg white will sit at the bottom of the bowl, undissolved.

Strain 2 oz. of flour into a bowl, add 2 oz. egg water (egg water: flour = 1:1)

In a frying pan, pour rice bran (or canola) oil and Sesame Oil to 1 – 1 ¼ inch deep. The ratio of Rice Bran Oil: Sesame Oil is 1:1.