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Make sushi at home recipe: Vegetable Rainbow Roll

Vegetable rainbow roll


Total: 40 - 50 minutes

Sushi Rice: 30 - 40 minutes

Rolling: 5 minutes

You may know this already and I will mention this again and again. Sushi is not just raw fish. There are a lot of vegetarian sushi in Japan. This Vegetarian roll is an adaptation of the standard fish rainbow roll. Mango, surprisingly goes well with some oily fish like Hamachi and salmon. Strawberry is a regular sushi cast in Brazil. There is nothing wrong with using fruits and vegetables to make tasty sushi.


  • Sushi Rice (recipe here)

  • Nori/Seaweed

  • 2-3 pcs green beans or asparagus, baked or steamed

  • ½ Avocado, sliced 1-2cm thick

  • Mango, thinly slices

  • 3-5, Portobella mushroom, thinly sliced

  • Sesame Seeds


Vegetable rainbow roll how to sequence

  1. Make Sushi Rice (follow this recipe).

  2. Wipe the cutting board with a wet towel to moisten.

  3. Place half sheet nori horizontally, rough side facing up.

  4. Wet your hands.

  5. Grab sushi rice, tennis ball size, approximately 200g.

  6. Place the sushi rice on the top left corner, shaping it like a potato.

  7. Using the bottom part of your left palm, apply pressure, spread the sushi rice horizontally.

  8. With your right hand, making a “U” shape, guide the sushi rice so that it covers the top half to 2/3 of the Nori.

  9. Rhythmically, turn your left hand three times to cover the top portion of the Nori with rice.

  10. Clean your hands with a wet towel, dip your fingers in the water.

  11. Using fingertips, apply the pressure, spread the rice to the bottom, from the left, center, and right.

  12. Spread the sushi rice all the way to the top and corners to cover the entire sheet of Nori as even as possible.

  13. Flip the Nori with Sushi Rice so the Nori is facing up.

  14. Place avocado, cucumber and green beans.

  15. Pick up the bottom edge of the Nori, roll like a Yoga mat. The bottom edge should land below the top edge of Nori.

  16. Seal, then roll another 90 degrees forward.

  17. Place a plastic wrap on the roll, then Makisu rolling mat.

  18. Remove the plastic.

  19. Place mushroom, avocado, and mango alternating until all the top part of the roll is covered.

  20. Place plastic wrap or parchment paper over the vegetables on the roll; using Makisu, gently squeeze the whole roll so that the ingredients on the top sticks to the roll.

  21. Remove the Makisu, keeping the plastic, cut into 8 pieces, and serve.



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