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Four Great Reasons to Take A Sushi Making Class

Are you thinking of making sushi a bigger part of your life? If you love sushi, or just want to learn a bit more about the traditional Japanese favorite, there are many reasons to take a class.

If you have not grown up with this special food, you may consider it something complicated or pretty special. Newcomers to this art form have similar trepidations. After all, it’s known for being raw fish. And raw fish is tricky. But it’s not really that complicated, and after taking a class, you will get to know it better. Here are four more great reasons to take a sushi making class in NYC.

Reason #1 - It’s a lot of fun

Making sushi is fun because, even though there are proper ways and rituals associated with the craft, it is also very much a ‘have-it-your-own-way” type of food. You don’t have to be perfect with the flavors or with the designs of the rolls. Experiment if you want to. The fun is in the building of the rolls and learning how it all fits together. Taking a sushi making class in NYC teaches accomplishment, and it is very satisfying as well.

As a team building activity for work, or a party event with friends, taking a sushi making class in NYC is a good time. Use your hands to create, get involved with problem-solving, and cooperate in a group. Sushi making is a great activity to feel good about.

Reason #2 - Sushi is a healthy food, and this is a skill you can do at home

Sushi is considered to be healthy food. It’s important as well to realize that sushi is not all about fish. If you don’t like fish, or feel uneasy about eating raw fish, those are not the only options. Sushi can be, but is not, just raw fish. Taking a sushi making class in NYC will give you more than just raw fish. It is also rice, vegetables, seaweed, cooked fish, and other cooked or pickled foods, as you wish. It is healthy and delicious, however, you choose to make it, and with a few inexpensive tools, like a bamboo rolling mat, it is easy to make this healthy and impressive food at home, too.

Reason #3 - Get a little bit of Japanese culture as you learn

Fish and rice are a big part of the Japanese lifestyle, and so is carefully creating an item of exquisite, simple beauty. Sushi chefs train for years to become masters, and the ingredients are respected and valued. Mealtime is a time when family and traditions are observed. Taking a sushi making class in NYC can show how old traditions can meet new ones in delicious ways.

Reason #4 - You get to eat it afterward

One of the greatest things about taking a sushi making class in NYC comes afterward. There is a sushi eating party where everyone sits together and enjoys the fruits of their labor, perhaps paired with a glass of sake, wine, or beer. Sushi is meant to be enjoyed right away. It doesn’t last long, so it is best to eat as soon as you can! Contact us for more details.

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