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Eleven Years, over 1,000 sushi events, and 20,000 guests (and counting). Five Star Reviews. Sushi catering, sushi classes, educational content that spreads the joy.

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We prepare all sushi on site to provide the fullest experience for your guests. Watch how our skilled chefs work and to learn more about our fresh fish.

Elevate your event with our exclusive sushi class! Enjoy an inspiring setting as you and your guests learn the art of sushi-making. Book now to create an unforgettable celebration experience!

Transform your office, home, or venue into a private sushi bar. With over 1,000 remarkable events catered to date, impress your clients and colleagues with our unforgettable sushi catering service in San Francisco.

"Picture perfect experience like you seen it in movies! a must do!"

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Enjoy the only sustainable sushi class & catering in San Francisco

At our classes and catering, we are committed to using only sustainable seafood. Our selection process includes the use of the Monterey Aquarium's "Seafood Watch Consumer Guide" and the Marine Stewardship Council's certification program. By following these standards, we aim to not only provide high-quality cuisine but also support the marine ecosystem and responsible fishing practices.

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We are

The biggest fish in corp. team building and private events

We want to provide more than “the best sushi” people have ever had (although we hear that often.) We want to provide an emotional experience that connects people to others and raises their spirits, whether in our classes or through our catering. We’re in the continuous business of learning how to do that effectively. 

Swim with the biggest fish

We cater to the biggest names in variety of industries as Tech, Finance, Law and Biotechnology. Our private sushi chef service is praised by the CEOs and top executives in the San Francisco Bay Area.