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90% of Breakthrough Sushi's success is showing up 100% for our sushi classes

Team building Sushi class in San Francisco

Since the launch of Breakthrough Sushi in 2012, we have proudly hosted over 1,000 events.

Can you guess how many events we've missed?




I am proud to share that we have maintained a 100% attendance record at all our scheduled events.


There have been occasions when we nearly had to cancel, but we've always found a way to make it work.


Here’s one such story.


No one is at the venue to host our sushi class!

 It was a typical Monday morning at a quartz tile kitchen showroom, just five minutes before our scheduled setup time. The lights inside were off, which was unusual. My assistant chef and I arrived on time, but the showroom staff was nowhere to be seen.


After a fifteen-minute wait with no signs of life, I contacted the showroom manager via email, suddenly realizing I didn't have their mobile number. As another ten minutes ticked by with the showroom still dark, it dawned on me—it was a bank holiday, and the showroom was closed.


With the clients expected in just two hours and no venue open to host them, a quick decision was needed. Instead of canceling, I thought quickly on my feet.


Could there be another option? Suddenly, I thought of the café on Third Street. It was likely closed due to the holiday, but worth a try. I immediately texted the café owner and got a swift response: "The café is available!"


Relief washed over me as I informed my assistant, "We have a venue!" It was just a ten-minute drive away. We hurried to the café, prepped sushi rice, sliced fish and vegetables, and set up the tables with knives and cutting boards. Everything was ready, including the sake mojitos.


I quickly informed the client about the change in venue and apologized for any inconvenience. They arrived on time, oblivious to the frantic preparations that had just occurred. They never needed to know.


The class went smoothly, filled with smiles as participants crafted their rainbow rolls and savored their salmon sashimi.


This experience solidified a belief: 90% of success in life comes from just showing up. For Breakthrough Sushi, showing up 100% of the time has been our formula for success.


Looking ahead, we commit to maintaining this standard. For every event you plan with us, Breakthrough Sushi will be there, ready to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Team building Sushi class in San Francisco
Team building Sushi class in San Francisco

Breakthrough Sushi offers sushi classes and sushi catering in the San Francisco Bay Area using sustainable seafood.

If you like to inquire about your next corporate or private event, please send us an email to request a quote.

If you like to sign up for our scheduled public classes in San Francisco and San Jose (Santa Clara), please see the schedule here.

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