Monterey Bay Aquarium and Pixar

One of the benefits of being a member at Monterey Bay Aquarium is that you are invited to their special events - this one is from "Finding Dory" members-only screening at Pixar Studio. (we are Aquarium member and business partner of seafood watch.)

(Outside of the Main Entrance, Large display of characters from "Luxo Jr.")

(Many familiar figures like The Incredibles)

(Oscars and Dory Movie Display)

So, what's the connection between Monterey Bay Aquarium and Pixar and Finding Dory? In Finding Dory, many animators from Pixar visited the Aquarium to study the building and exhibits which were incorporated in the movie. Many scenes in the movie at Marine Life Institute were based on Monterey Bay Aquarium.

(A scene from Finding Dory, Marine Life Institute)

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