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Our visit to Yuji Ramen, Brooklyn, NY

We heard about this small Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn that serves Ramen, so we decided to make our visit. The most notable thing about their Ramen is that they use fish broth from a variety of (local) fish and the parts not normally used or thrown away. In Japan and many other Asian countries like China, the idea of using "whole foods" is a cultural concept when it comes to cooking. As such, every part of meat and fish is used including bones, internal organs, heads, feet, and eyes. Fishbones produce exceptionally tasty broth when done properly.

(Tonkotsu Ramen - lots of nice fish broth aroma and flavor)

(Shoyu Ramen)

While many (San Francisco) ramen shops are focused on Tonkotsu and Chicken-based broth, Yuji Ramen seems to separate itself from the rest, serving notably, quite a tasty ramen.

(Sashimi plate)

Brooklyn is home to everyone from everywhere

150 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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