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Virtual Classes

Due to our public sushi class cancellation because of the Coronavirus, we've decided to introduce virtual classes after the Shelter in Place order is lifted.

Briefly, here are the two options we are planning

Drop Off Virtual Class

For corporate and private clients

Our new Virtual class is a more affordable and flexible schedule option.

Once you book the class, we will drop off the class package at your office or a designated venue. The package contains tools, ingredients, and instructions for you to conduct a class. You can run the class at your team's pace and schedule. The virtual pre-recorded instructor will walk you through the demonstration part.

What's included:



Event Manual

Access to Pre-recorded Sushi Instruction video

Video customer support during the event

Not included:

Drinks (both soft and alcoholic)

Onsite staff



Event room decorations


Optional items (with additional fee)

Drinks (both soft and alcoholic)

Onsite staff


Event room decorations


Live-Feed Virtual Class

For Public Class

Participate in class via online live feed. For now, this will be viewing only.

We will be developing a class kit with ingredients to be delivered to your home so that you can make sushi with us remotely. We are working out the logistics with the delivery company. You can expect this service to become available sometime in July.

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