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The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Our Sushi Classes

Updated: Mar 18

#1 "Where do you get your fish from?" 

This question usually translates to, "Where can I find high-quality fish for my sushi?" We've detailed our sources in this comprehensive guide: Fresh fish near me: Where you can get Sushi Grade Fish Online for sushi at home (2024 update).

Our go-to's are Royal Hawaiian Seafood and Monterey Fish Market, which, like many suppliers during the pandemic, have begun direct sales to consumers online, offering both delivery and pickup options.

A common follow-up question is, "Do you pick up the fish yourself from the market?" While many imagine a bustling market akin to Tokyo's, the reality in the US is quite different. In San Francisco, for instance, high-end omakase chefs order directly from Toyosu market suppliers, who air-ship the fish. Always ensure the fish you purchase is labeled as sushi-grade for raw consumption.

#2 "What makes fish sushi grade?" 

The criteria for sushi-grade fish depend on the fish type and whether it has been frozen or cured to ensure safety. For instance, Yellowfin tuna can be eaten raw without special treatment, but wild Salmon must be frozen first. For a deeper understanding, read: Buying Sushi Grade Fish: Essential Tips for Freshness and Quality.

#3 "Can I buy salmon at a local supermarket and eat it raw?" 

Making supermarket salmon sushi grade involves specific treatments. The complexities of this process are explored in detail here: Salmon is the new tuna.

#4 "Where do you go to eat sushi?" 

Surprisingly, I eat less sushi than many might think and therefore don't have many personal recommendations. However, for an unforgettable experience in Japan, Komatsu Yasuke in Kanazawa and nearly any sushi spot in Hokkaido are must-visits for their exceptional quality and freshness.

#5 "How do you make sushi rice?" 

The art of sushi rice is in choosing the right rice and the timing of vinegar addition. For a guide on making sushi rice with a pot and selecting the best rice, refer to: Homemade Recipe for Sushi Rice and Which Rice to Use for Sushi.

#6 "How long does sushi last?"

Ideally, sushi and store-bought fish should be consumed within a day. While some sushi might be okay after two days, its quality diminishes. For fish storage guidelines, check the FDA's advice here.

#7 "What is your favorite sushi or fish?" 

My personal favorite is the simple tekka roll, due to its perfect balance of flavors. Among fish, Saba (Mackerel) stands out, along with other "hikari mono" or shiny-skinned fish. The science behind sushi's deliciousness is fascinating and explained here: Why Sushi Tastes So Good: The Science of Umami.


Breakthrough Sushi offers sushi classes and sushi catering in the San Francisco Bay Area using sustainable seafood.

If you like to inquiry about your next corporate or private event, please send us an email to request a quote.

If you like to sign up for our scheduled public classes in San Francisco and San Jose (Santa Clara), please see the schedule here.

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