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Simple and Delicious Salmon Hosomaki (Thin Nori/Seaweed Out Roll, 6pc)


Total: 35 - 40 minutes

Sushi Rice: 30 - 40 minutes

Rolling: 5 minutes

If you haven’t tried Hosomaki, I highly recommend you do.

If you live outside of Japan and eat sushi at your nearest Sushi restaurants, the chances are you eat more Inside Out Rolls than Nori Out Rolls. “Traditional” Japanese Sushi Rolls are Nori Out Side, or rice is inside, which is why when rice is out, it’s “Inside.”

As much as I like both Nori Out Rolls and Inside Out Rolls, the issue with Inside Out is we taste rice first, and then the filling like fish and vegetables. Most of the time, it’s hard to tell what’s inside, especially the subtle flavor of fish is masked with Sushi Rice, vinegar and sweetness of sugar in Sushi Vinegar. This is why I prefer Nori Out over Inside Out especially when I want to taste and enjoy the flavor of fish.

There are mainly three types of Nori Out Rolls - Futomaki, a thick roll using at least one full sheet. Chumaki, a medium size roll using half to one sheet of Nori. Lastly, Hosomaki, a thin roll using a half sheet of Nori. Personally, Hosomaki has the perfect balance between Nori, Sushi Rice and filling. Tekka, Tuna Hosomaki is my favorite to make and eat, and Salmon Hosomaki is probably my second favorite.

You can substitute with Smoked Salmon if Sushi Grade Salmon is unavailable. Also, if you want to smoke Sushi Salmon, here is a simple recipe to do so.


Avoid overfilling

Hosomaki is the hardest roll to make. It’s easy to overfill with Sushi Rice and filling. The trick is to be mindful and use less ingredients than you think it needs.

Use Fresh Wasabi

In the US, there are some wasabi farms in Oregon and California. Half Moon Bay Wasabi Company is one of them, who can ship fresh wasabi. If not, use frozen kind if available.

INGREDIENTS (for one roll):

  • 100g (1/2) cup Sushi Rice

  • 1 Nori Seaweed, half sheet

  • 30 - 40g Sushi Grade Salmon strips


  • Cutting Board

  • Knife

  • Makisu, Sushi Rolling Mat


(How to spread rice for Hosomaki, Step 3 - 11)

  1. Make Sushi rice (follow this recipe).

  2. Cut Salmon into thin strips.

  3. To make Nori out Hosomaki/Thin roll, place nori, shiny side down.

  4. Wet your hands with water.

  5. Grab sushi rice, half the amount of inside out roll, approximately 100g

  6. Leave top ½ inch/1cm blank.

  7. Using the bottom part of your left palm, apply pressure, spread the sushi rice horizontally.

  8. With your right hand, making a “U” shape, guide the sushi rice so that it covers the top half to 2/3 of the Nori.

  9. Rhythmically, turn your left hand three times to cover the top portion of the Nori with rice.

  10. Clean your hands with a wet towel, dip your fingers in the water.

  11. Using fingertips, apply the pressure, spread the rice leaving 1/8 inch /3mm left, right and bottom edge.

  12. Using your left index finger, apply wasabi in the center of the rice.

  13. Life up the Nori and place Makisu underneath.

  14. Place Salmon strips of avocado in the center.

  15. Roll - Pick up the bottom part of Makisu, seal the roll by placing the bottom edge against the top end of the sushi rice.

  16. Press to seal.

(Salmon Hosomaki, Steps 12 - 15)


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