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Live Sushi Bar nigiri, rolls, sashimi and vegetarian rolls

Atop a downtown San Francisco penthouse, with a stunning custom marble bar, our client is hosting a private party for 150 - 200 guests. Champagne bottles gleam under the lights, and exquisite food and drinks grace each floor. It's a lavish affair, complete with top-tier entertainment like Lenny Kravitz and Jerry Seinfeld slated for later in the evening.

However, I notice that nearly all our sushi platters remain untouched, even 30 minutes into the party. A quick visit to the first floor reveals most guests congregating there, cocktail in hand. It's clear that the allure of the top floor is lost on them. The situation worsens when I'm informed that the elevator has malfunctioned, effectively stranding our sushi on the penthouse level.

Faced with the likelihood of our sushi going uneaten, a server queries my thoughts on the unfolding scenario. My response is one of acceptance, "I've learned to let go. I've fulfilled my end—delivered as promised. How the sushi is received is out of my hands, though I believe in its excellence. Letting go of expectations transforms outcomes into gifts."

Our plans are abruptly altered when the event manager announces a move to the first floor. Springing into action, I direct our staff, "Let's get everything—platters, chopsticks, soy sauce, ginger, wasabi—downstairs. The sushi bar too." Swiftly, we reassemble our setup on the first floor, and, surrounded by guests, our sushi finds new favor.

As we approach the end of our service, the crowd leaves the room for the first entertainment of the evening, Jerry Seinfeld. Shortly after, we're left with about 30% of our sushi. "Let's offer it to the venue staff," I suggest. The sight of tuna, steelhead, amberjack, and snapper nigiri, along with baked Black Cod Miso, is met with eager anticipation. Soon, every piece is claimed.

The staff's enthusiastic thanks reaffirm the unforeseen joys of our profession. "This is the gift I spoke of," I remind my server. Their appreciation assures me of our sushi's quality, echoing the likely sentiments of many guests.

The following day, the event manager's email offers thanks for the sushi shared with their staff and compliments on our inspiring weekly newsletter.

Indeed, each event harbors potential for unique surprises, affirming that every occasion we cater offers distinct gifts, waiting to be discovered by attendees.




Breakthrough Sushi offers sushi classes and sushi catering in the San Francisco Bay Area using sustainable seafood.

If you like to inquire about your next corporate or private event, please send us an email to request a quote.

If you like to sign up for our scheduled public classes in San Francisco and San Jose (Santa Clara), please see the schedule here.

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