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Open for a Private Sushi Dinner

Did you know we offer an omakase style sushi dinner?

The menu consists of 10 to 12 dishes - appetizers, cooked dish, sashimi, nigiri, and dessert. We'd love you to taste our Baked Black Cod Miso, one of the most highly praised dishes in our menu (not to mention the pictured Matcha Affogato) We can also add fresh wasabi to your menu, locally grown in Half Moon Bay! We bring all the plates, so all you need to do is set up your drinks (or, we can refer you to a fantastic bartending company.) Even though COVID restrictions are easing, we understand not everyone is ready to host a private dinner yet. But, when you are ready, please email us. We are always delighted to host you and your guests for a special evening full of fantastic dishes we've been serving since 2012.

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