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Hand Rolls: A Fresh Take on Sushi Catering in San Francisco

Easy, Convenient, and Deliciously Crafted Sushi at Home


Sushi catering in San Francisco
Sushi catering in San Francisco

Growing up in Japan, while regular visits to upscale sushi bars might not have been in the cards for my family, we found great delight in hosting Temaki dinners. To me, this is one of the simplest, yet most enjoyable ways to savor sushi in the comfort of your own home.

Organizing a Temaki dinner is straightforward and quick, leading to a delicious outcome.

The process is simple: cook some sushi rice, source sushi-grade fish—preferably from your trusted fish company in San Francisco—, and pick out your favorite fresh vegetables. Spread out the ingredients in a family-style spread and allow everyone to roll their own hand rolls. These dinners were a cherished part of my childhood, and I've carried on the tradition with my wife, especially after a day of teaching sushi classes.


I wholeheartedly recommend you try a Temaki dinner at home. It's not only a fun culinary activity but also an engaging social affair. Why not invite friends over and transform it into a Temaki party? It's akin to a Taco night but with a sushi twist. Offer various fillings, including non-seafood options like chicken, beef, and a wide selection of veggies. Giving guests the freedom to assemble their hand rolls creates a dynamic, interactive dining experience that's sure to bond any group.


Enjoy Your Hand Roll Immediately

Visualize a hand roll as the sushi equivalent of an ice cream cone—ideal for holding and designed for immediate consumption. The crisp nori wrapping is the star of the show, so don't let it lose its crunchiness on the plate—eat it as soon as it's made! The optimal way? Receive it directly from the sushi chef's hands into yours. At home, the trick is to prepare and savor your creation right away to maintain that signature crisp texture.


Freedom of Ingredients

While fish is the staple in hand rolls, just as it is in other sushi forms, there's room for creativity. In Japan, hand rolls often feature a mix of raw and cooked fish, and an assortment of non-fish ingredients such as canned tuna with mayo, shrimp, imitation crab, daikon pickles, natto, shiso leaves, kaiware sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, and tamagoyaki (egg omelet). For a twist, why not incorporate tempura or chicken karaage into your rolls? The possibilities are endless and entirely up to your palate's desire.


Convenience with Pre-Sliced Sashimi

In Japan, pre-sliced sashimi is a convenient supermarket find. While this option might not be as widespread in the US, it's encouraging to see an increasing number of stores offering sushi-grade fish. For those in San Francisco, sushi catering options are expanding, including ready-to-roll sashimi packages for home delivery or pickup.


In partnership with Truefish, also located in San Francisco, we've crafted a hand roll kit that encapsulates the full Temaki experience for those at-home sushi nights. It's a fresh approach to sushi catering in San Francisco, bringing the authentic taste of Japan right to your doorstep. You can order your hand roll kit here.

Of course, Breakthrough Sushi offers sushi catering in San Francisco, and throughout the Bay Area including Palo Alto, Atherton, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and San Jose.

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