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90% of our success is showing up 100%

Since the launch of breakthrough sushi in 2012, we have hosted nearly 1000 events to date.

Can you guess how many events we missed?


I am proud to say we have a 100% track record of showing up.

There were times we almost had to cancel an event.

Here is the story.


I arrive at the quartz tile kitchen showroom on Monday morning. It's five minutes until the load in time. Lights are off inside of the showroom.

My assistant chef arrives. We wait for fifteen minutes—no sign of showroom staff.

I am starting to sense something is not quite right. I email the showroom manager. Then, I realize one problem: I don't have their mobile phone number.

Another ten minutes go by. Inside the showroom remains dark. I start to think why.

"Oh, wait a minute, it's a bank holiday today," I shout. "The showroom is probably closed, which is why no one is here."

The clients will arrive in about 2 hours. We have no venue to host their sushi class.

Instead of saying, "we may have to cancel the class today," I say, "Well, this is going to be a problem."

What can I do? Where is the venue that can host the class now? I start asking myself.

I stare at my phone. Then, a thought popped into my mind.

How about the café on the third street? It's a bank holiday, so they are probably closed.

I text the owner. Within a minute, I receive a text repones.

"The café is available!"

"We have a venue," I shout to my assistant. "It's only ten minute's drive from here."

We rush to cook sushi rice, cut fish and vegetables, setting up tables with knives and cutting boards. Sake mojito is ready.

I email the client about the venue change and apologize. They arrive on time without knowing what took place in the past two hours. They don't have to.

We start the class as if nothing has happened.

I am happy to see their happy faces making the rainbow roll and eating Salmon sashimi.

It is said 90% of your success in life is showing up.

So, we can say 90% of Breakthrough Sushi's success is showing up 100% for all our events.

I promise we will continue to show up for your events 100% of the time.


If you like us to be part of your special celebration to create a special memory, please let us know. We are glad to be of your assistance any time.

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