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6 Behaviors You Should Avoid When Eating at a Sushi Bar

1. Eat too much Gari (pickled ginger)

Though it’s complimentary, pickled ginger at Sushi Bar is not a bottomless breadstick at Olive Garden. The same goes for Wasabi and soy sauce. Moderation is the key.

2. Use too much soy sauce for your Sushi

Soy Sauce is different from sauces like gravy or cream sauce. It’s supposed to more like a dip, something to complement Sushi and Sashimi. Using too much soy sauce will erase the subtle flavor of sushi rice, fish and vegetables. Go easy on the sauce.

Want to know a substitute for soy sauce? Try salt and lemon juice (or ask the sushi chef for a recommendation).

3. Make “Geen Soy Sauce” with Wasabi

This is especially important if they are serving ‘real’ fresh Wasabi at the sushi bar. Why? Because soy sauce kills the aroma of fresh Wasabi. If your sushi chef sees you turning the soy sauce green, the chef may not think favorable of you doing that. If the Wasabi is not the fresh one, I say it’s ok to dissolve Wasabi in soy sauce, but not too much, just to be on the safe side.

4. Ask “What’s fresh today?”

For one, the fish is supposed to be “fresh” enough so that you can eat it raw at the sushi bar. Askin “What’s fresh today” sounds like a nice “icebreaker,” but some chefs may feel being insulted. Secondly, not all fish tastes good when fresh. Salmon, Tuna, Tai/Sea Bream all need time to develop flavor — five days to seven days, sometimes up to fourteen days after it's caught. You don’t necessarily want to eat the freshest fish. Next time, the better question to ask would be, “What do you recommend today?”

5. Tell the chef “Boy I love wasabi because it’s a great sinus cleanser!”

I am sure you knew this, but just in case you didn’t, yes, Wasabi is not s sinus cleanser. It’s a condiment, OK?

6. Try impress your date with your knowledge of Sushi

This is for the men trying to score your date. We (male sushi chefs) know what you are doing. At the Sushi Bar, we can hear you talk more than you think we can. It so happens we know more about Sushi and fish than you pretend to be. We spend more time looking at fish, and making Sushi tha you did. We know you’ve been to many Sushi bars, but, that doesn’t make you an expert and your date knows it.

Instead, it’s better to ask your sushi chef questions or let your chef do the talking instead of you. That way, you have a better chance of impressing your date.

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