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Breakthrough Sushi was founded by Kaz Matsune back in 2012. Beginning as a Craiglist-advertised class of three, it was created out of pure love for the art of sushi. Bringing fresh fish, vegetables and a bucket load of enthusiasm, Kaz paid close attention to his guests and quickly learned the impact the class could have…  


As it slowly but surely grew, he noticed that people could learn to make great rolls quicker than they thought. He saw people having breakthrough moments, making sushi as good as that you’d buy in a restaurant, and feeling immensely proud (and hungry). An early guest told him about the power of team-building, suggesting that he made the class into that, and with increasing interest from people across San Fransisco, that’s what it became.

Downtown San Francisco

From San Francisco Rolling With Love

Since the 2012 Breakthrough Sushi has hosted over 1,000 events for over 20,000 guests. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 clients including Amazon, Adobe, and Facebook. And we’re still the leading sustainable sushi class company in the US.


In 2020, we began offering online sushi classes and kits, alongside our catering and in-person classes. The Coronavirus threw us a challenge that we adapted to, and we’ll be ready to adapt to whatever the future holds too.

Breakthrough Sushi founder Kaz Matsune

Breakthrough Sushi Founder, Kaz Matsune

"We want to provide more than 'the best sushi' people have ever had (although we hear that often.) We want to provide an emotional experience that connects people to others and raises their spirits, whether in our classes or through our catering. We’re in the continuous business of learning how to do that effectively. We have always, and will always continue to, spread the joy of sushi through knowledge, and love."


Elevate your event with our exclusive sushi class! Enjoy an inspiring setting as you and your guests learn the art of sushi-making. Book now to create an unforgettable celebration experience!

Transform your office, home, or venue into a private sushi bar. With over 1,000 remarkable events catered to date, impress your clients and colleagues with our unforgettable sushi catering service in San Francisco.

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