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Increase Productivity with Corporate Team Building Events

The economy is definitely on a downswing right now. Everywhere you look, people are struggling. The stress of living through a worldwide pandemic, with economic uncertainty and a lack of connection resulting from social distancing, takes its toll on everyone. Companies across the board have experienced a dramatic loss of productivity within their teams, and it is completely understandable. In tough times, many businesses forget how effective the best corporate team building exercises can be.

How can a forward-thinking organization help to increase productivity in their workforce? Building a bond between co-workers and different levels of management can do amazing things for workplace satisfaction, improving productivity and increasing staff retention. In these times of tight budgets and remote working, how can you organize the best corporate team building events for your company?

Keep in mind a few key points when you are organizing the best corporate team building activities in your workplace:

1) Appealing to Staff

When organizing the best corporate team building activities, keep your employees front and center. You most likely are dealing with a diverse group of people, and the goal is to make sure that everyone feels included. Activities that are universally appealing include things like cooking classes, group philanthropy, and scavenger hunts.

2) Working Together

Whatever activity you choose to organize for your best corporate team building, make sure that it is something that forces your team to work together. Problem solving together helps each member of the team appreciate each other’s strengths and step up to fill in weaknesses. Throwing in a little competition doesn’t hurt, either. Cooking challenges, game marathons, and escape rooms encourage healthy competition and team problem solving.

3) Conversation

Making sure there is ample time for conversation during your best corporate team building event is crucial. When your team members are able to socialize and get to know each other on a more personal level, they work together much more easily. Productivity increases as employees see themselves more as members of a team of friends rather than individual workers.

4) Casual

A casual event is the best for corporate team building. Relationships are built differently in a casual atmosphere. Whether you are having a catered learning event or participating in an organized sport, make sure there is ample unstructured time.

5) Fun

Above all, have fun! Your team should feel like they’ve had a great time, gotten to know their co-workers better, and had some laughs. The best corporate team building activities always end on a high note with everyone feeling as though they accomplished something together.

Food-related team building events are a great place to start. Breakthrough Sushi offers some of the best corporate team building activities. You can focus your team building around sushi-making, or you can have a catered sushi meal as the backdrop to your learning.

A fun, hands-on sushi making class is a great way to encourage employee bonding and increase productivity. Investing in the best corporate team building will pay off in better productivity for your entire organization. Contact us for more information.

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