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Nori Kan, Seaweed Container

This is what many Sushi Chefs use to store their precious Nori seaweed.

Considering it's made of thin tin, some may wonder why it costs US$50?

The reason is this: It takes a long time for a skilled craftsman to make this.

I had a chance to visit a company showroom of this Nori Kan. They told me that they now have only one person who can (hand) make this can.

The craftsman has been making the box for something like twenty or thirty years (sorry, forgot exactly how long). Then the owner told me he is getting "tired" of making these boxes by hand, due to his (old) age.

According to him, it takes an enormous amount of strength to make the Nori Kan his age is not cooperating with him, thus the word, "tiring."

He continued to tell me curving the corner is extremely difficult.

The company has stopped or has no plan of making new ones, which also contributes to the high price of the box.

The orange less expensive Nori Kan is made by the machine, which has a round corner because the machines cannot make a straight edge.

Of course, both of them do the job, keeping Nori nice and neat just fine. So, it's really up to your preference which one to buy.

There is a half-size one, but unavailable on Amazon at the moment. You may find it at other sites or at your local Japanese food distributor.

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