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Sushi Rolls with Laser Cut Nori

I was invited to do sushi making demonstration at Autodesk's "Artists in Residence Program" at Pier 9.

What is Artists in Residence Program? The Pier 9 Artists in Residence (AIR) program gives artists, makers, and fabricators a chance to work with us in our digital fabrication workshops at Autodesk. Our artists explore, create, and document cutting-edge projects, and share them with the DIY community.

They have a test kitchen, and that is where we did a sushi demonstration-making class. The place is amazing - filled use state of the art (I think) production quality heavy types of machinery, and high-tech equipment like 3D printers and laser cutters. The artist, Maria, who invited me to do the class, laser cut the nori with some words like "Sushi."

Here are some photos of the sushi rolls using that nori.

"Sushi" in Japanese. "寿司”

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