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Tai/Red Snapper Sashimi with White Truffle Oil

This recipe came to me when I was working at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. One day, I noticed that there was an unopened bottle of truffle oil. I’ve never used truffle oil before, so I thought the way to using it. I opened the bottle and then came a very strong and nice aroma of white truffle. Then, I thought it would go well with white fish like Tai. The aroma is wonderful and it's a perfect match with snapper. It's been a constant hit with our clients. They all told me they never tasted anything like this before. Ingredients: • Tai/Red Snapper • Kombu Kelp • White Truffle oil • Lemon Juice • Himalayan Salt • Pink Peppercorn • Chives Cooking Instructions: 1. Fillet Tai/Red Snapper to four pieces. 2. Slightly wet kombu with water, then wrap Tai with kombu, cover with plastic wrap. 3. Store Tai in refrigerator for half an hour to an hour. 4. Remove the kombu and thinly slice Tai sashimi. 5. Plate Tai, sear it with a butane torch until the surface turns white. 6. Pour truffle oil, lemon juice and sprinkle Himalayan salt. 7. Garnish with pink peppercorn and cut chives.

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