Sushi Vinegar

Updated: Jun 13

In making sushi rice, it appears (based on the questions we received during our sushi class), that burning questions are: What exactly is sushi vinegar? What kind of vinegar should I use? How do I make it? When do I add sushi vinegar to the sushi rice? Before I cook the rice or after I cook the rice? So, let's go over one by one. 1. What exactly is sushi vinegar? Sushi vinegar is a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. 2. What kind of vinegar should I use? Rice vinegar is mostly used. Some sushi chefs use black or red vinegar, brown sugar, and sea salt. It all depends on what kind of flavor you want to achieve. The best way for you is to taste and experiment. The combination is almost endless. My suggestion is to use what's available at your local supermarket and start with that. Once you get used to, you can continue to explore a different type of vinegar, sugar, and rice, which is what all the sushi chefs do. 3. How do I make it? Our recipe is very simple. The ratio is: Rice Vinegar: Sugar: Salt=5:3:1 For example, you can mix 5Tbl Rice Vinegar, 3Tbl. Sugar and 1Tbl. Salt in a bowl, stir until sugar and salt is dissolved. If making sushi vinegar is too much for you, then, you can purchase "Sushi Vinegar." There are many kinds available both online and at store. Here are some.

Sushi Chef Sushi Vinegar

Nishiki Sushi Vinegar

Marukan Seasoned (Sushi) Vinegar (If it says "Seasoned," the is can be used as Sushi Vinegar. Look at the ingredients and make sure it has sugar and salt.")

Kikkoman Sushi Vinegar

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