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Where to get sushi quality fish in South Bay, San Francisco Bay Area?

Great news for those living in South Bay, wondering where to purchase Sashimi quality fish. We recently had a chance to visit Marukai Supermarket in Cupertino, CA, and checked out the type of fish they have for sashimi and sushi. Here are some photos.

First, great selection of tuna - Big Eye. Nice red color, fresh and large blocks. Most of all, they offer a great price: around $9-$13/lbs.

Next, uni, amaebi (sweet shrimp), ika (squid), Tako (octopus), and masago (fish egg).

Lastly, sashimi assortment pack of maguro, Tai/snapper, ika, kampachi/amberjack, and yellowtail.

19750 Stevens Creek Boulevard

Cupertino, CA 95014

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