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Discover the Enchanting Mehikari (Greeneyes) - A Rare Sushi Delight from Iwaki, Japan

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Mehikari, or "Greeneyes," aptly named for its captivating luminescent eyes that radiate shades of green and blue, is an elusive gem among sushi ingredients. This deep-sea fish resides at depths ranging from 200 to 700 meters, boasting a delicate size of approximately 15cm (6 inches). Found predominantly in the Miyasaki prefecture of Japan, this exquisite catch is a treat for the senses.

Tempura and grilling are among the most popular culinary techniques employed to relish the delightful flavors of Mehikari. However, it is in the coastal city of Iwaki that Mehikari finds its true destiny—as the star of the sushi table.

The name "Mehikari" itself translates to "shining eyes," and it is easy to see why. As you partake in this rare sushi delicacy, you will be captivated not only by its taste but also by the enchanting allure of its luminous gaze.

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