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What's your biggest accomplishment?

Recently, I was asked this question:

What is your biggest accomplishment since you started your business?

I thought about the answer for a minute.

Then, this story popped into my thoughts.

So, I like to share it with you.


I am organizing plastic containers full of cutting board, knives, and kitchen equipment in our kitchen studio.

Then, my phone rings.

I hear a familiar voice. It’s one of our best private clients in San Francisco.

“I am hosting a special birthday party for a friend of mine. Are you available.” “For you, I would never miss it,” I reply.

Fast forward four months, I am slicing beautiful salmon fillet in the client’s kitchen overlooking the bay.

"How many time have you been here?" The client asks.

"Oh, gee. Three, four times?" I reply.

" I think five time," the client responds. "Which event was the most memorable for you?"

I search my memory for all the events we hosted.

"Let's see. The casino night was fun. Other fundraising events. The most memorable by far was the promo night sushi dinner." I say.

"It was just, so special. All the boys and girls looked so nice. They were shinning like stars. It was so difficult for me to glance because they looked so bright."

Later, the client's daughter approaches me.

"I heard you remember my prom night dinner. I am so honored."

Honored? Wow. That is not the word I am expecting to hear. I mean, it was a great event. We served great sushi (according to the clients. And we think so too.)

"It has been four years, and you know what? all my friends still talk about your sushi!"

“Really?” I shout. “Wow. Now, I am honored.”

Nothing brings me joy and satisfaction to have such human interaction as this. I feel humble for her to tell me that.

During the past ten years, serving many of our clients, I have many encounters as this.

It is true that receiving five star yelp reviews, and hosting over 1,000 events and all other business accomplishments may sound nice. Yet, when I search what brings me the most joy, and most reward, I say a story like this is the one that stands out more than anything else.

It is a reminder that, it is not just sushi I am serving. It’s experience and memory I am serving with sushi that make it special.

If you like us to be part of your special celebration to create a special memory, please let us know. We are glad to be of your assistance any time.

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