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What Is Authentic Sushi?

"What is authentic sushi?" is a good question because I really don't know what that is.

If we refer to the connotative meaning of the word "authentic" as "genuine," "original," and "real," then we can say what the majority of people regard as Sushi is Edo Mae style sushi.

But if you think Nigiri, Gunkan and Hosomaki are authentic Edo Mae Sushi, that is not a correct understanding.

Edo Mae, means in front of Edo - the old Tokyo. It refers to the style of Sushi using ingredients caught only in Tokyo Bay.

In other words, it refers to Sushi made using local and sustainable ingredients.

So if you want to have authentic Sushi, that is true to the meaning of Edo Mae Style Sushi, then use what's in season, what's available, local, and sustainable ingredients, including fish.

This is the concept I decided to adopt when I start my sushi class business, Breakthrough sushi.


Breakthrough Sushi offers online and in-person sushi classes, live sushi bar catering.

For team building and private inquiries, please send us an email.

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