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Homemade Recipe for Sushi: Tekka Maki (Seaweed Out Thin Tuna Roll, 6pc)

Updated: Jan 5

If asked “what’s my favorite roll to make?” I respond - without hesitation - “Tekka,” Tuna Hosomaki.

It’s very simple - Sushi Rice, Tuna, Nori and Wasabi. That’s it. Because it’s simple, it is difficult to make. Well, let me clarify. It’s difficult to make it really well. If you practice - say every day for a few years, sure you will be able to make it good. But to reach a lever of mastery - I feel one can spend a lifetime.

Tekka is also my favorite to eat. It is a nice bite sized Hosomaki. It is packed with Umami - Tuna, Nori and dip in Soy Sauce which has Umami.

- Kaz

Ingredients (for one roll):

  • ½ (100g) cup Sushi Rice

  • 1 Nori Seaweed, half sheet

  • 30 - 40 g Sushi Grade Yellowfin, Bigeye or Bluefin Tuna

  • 5 g Wasabi


  • Cutting Board

  • Knife

  • Makisu, Sushi Rolling Mat


(Instructions 3 - 12, how to spread rice for Hosomaki)

  1. Make Sushi Rice (follow this recipe)

  2. Cut Tuna into long blocks to match the length of Nori Seaweed

  3. To make Nori out Hosomaki/Thin roll, place nori, shiny side down

  4. Wet your hands with water

  5. Grab sushi rice, half the amount of inside out roll, approximately 100g

  6. Leave top ½ inch/1cm blank

  7. Using the bottom part of your left palm, apply pressure, spread the sushi rice horizontally

  8. With your right hand, making a “U” shape, guide the sushi rice so that it covers the top half to 2/3 of the nori

  9. Rhythmically, turn your left hand three times to cover the top portion of the nori with rice

  10. Clean your hands with the wet towel, dip your fingers in the water

  11. Using fingertips, apply the pressure, spread the rice leaving 1/8 inch /3mm left, right and bottom edge

  12. Life up the nori and place Makisu underneath

  13. Place Tuna in the center

  14. Roll - Pick up the bottom part of Makisu, seal the roll by placing the bottom edge against the top end of the sushi rice

  15. Press to seal

  16. Life up makisu halfway, roll forward the entire roll 90 degrees, so the seam will be at the bottom

  17. Seal with Makisu one more time, from the front, top and backside

  18. Cut into six pieces

  19. Plate and serve

(Instructions 13 - 18)


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