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Sriracha for sale?

Some of you might have heard about the ongoing sriracha shortage. As it turns out, we're using sriracha in our classes and catering to make delicious spicy tuna rolls. Let me share a recent story from one of our classes.

"Why do you have sriracha in your class?" one participant asks me.

"We have it in stock since last year," I reply. "In fact, we just opened two new bottles today."

Yes, it's true; we haven't run out of sriracha. I heard about the shortage, so I ordered some extra months ago. I don't expect the sriracha shortage to last this long. None of our distributors currently have any.

"We don't know when we'll get more," one salesperson tells me when I inquire about it.

As I check the price of sriracha online, some stores are selling it for $20-$30 a bottle. It sure sounds crazy to me, marked up five to ten times the original price. Who would pay that much, I wonder.

Then, a guest at Hotel Kabuki overhears my conversation with a class attendee.

"Can I buy one?" she asks. "Sorry, it's not for sale," I reply.

Sure, I could sell it for $30 and make a nice profit. But then I ask myself, is that why I bought this sriracha? The answer is obvious. I purchase it for the class participants and our sushi catering guests. It isn't intended as an investment.

You might say that's a bad business decision, and I agree it might be. Why not make a nice tenfold profit?

I can't.

It doesn't feel right.

Besides, it's more meaningful to have sriracha in class and see the surprise on participants' faces when they ask, "Where did you get the sriracha???"

That's because I stock up for you to enjoy. The sriracha shortage is unexpected, so for you, attending our class is an unexpected benefit—a pleasant surprise.

The unexpected surprise is, for me, is the same as start using sustainable fish by accident (sort of), sake mojitos getting more praise than anything else we offer, and chicken yakitori being “the best chicken ever had!” by one of our best private clients.

That, to me, has more value than making a huge profit on something just because I can market it.

If you like to savor your spicy tuna with sriracha at one of our classes or catering events, come join us, or send us an inquiry.

We will be there for you.


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