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Looking for Essential Kitchen Tools for Your Sushi Journey

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect kitchen tools for your sushi adventures? Look no further! In response to many inquiries during our sushi classes, I've compiled a list of recommended tools, including some I use. Let me know if you find this list helpful!

Knife Sharpener: A Must-Have Tool

Before purchasing a knife, let me emphasize the importance of owning a sharpener. Buying a knife without a sharpener is like skydiving without a parachute. A disaster destined to happen. No matter how sharp your knife is initially, it will inevitably become dull. Without a sharpener, your knife is akin to becoming dull—functional but limited in performance.

Take a look at sharpeners if you still need to own one. Fortunately, these days, we have the convenience of online shopping, with Amazon offering a wide range of affordable options. Here are a couple of recommendations that I use in our classes:

1. Knife Sharpener, Narcissus Knife Sharpener, Professional:

Priced at $34.98, this sharpener not only sharpens your kitchen knife but can also handle scissors. It's an excellent investment for maintaining the sharpness of your knives.

EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener This model operates on the same principle but features a different design and price point. It delivers the same quality sharpening results.

Knives: Sashimi Knives for Sushi Preparation

Here's a fun fact: there's no such thing as a "Sushi Knife." Sushi chefs use "Sashimi Knives," specifically Yanagiba (or Yanagi) knives. These long and narrow knives are designed for one purpose: slicing fish. The slim, thin blade minimizes friction during slicing, while the length allows for clean, single-stroke cuts.

It's important to note that Yanagiba knives are single-beveled, meaning only one side of the blade is sharpened (angled), while the other remains flat. In contrast, Western knives are double-beveled. If you decide to purchase a Yanagiba, you'll also need a whetstone for sharpening.

Here are a couple of recommended Yanagiba knives:

MASAMOTO KS Japanese Yanagiba Sushi Knife with Sheath 9.5" - This knife by Masamoto is widely recognized and frequently used by sushi chefs. It is an excellent introductory model for those learning to use Yanagiba knives. Please note that if you purchase this knife, you'll need a whetstone for sharpening, or you can take it to a professional sharpener. In the SF Bay Area, Bernal Cutlery in San Francisco, Perfect Edge Cutlery in San Mateo, and Hida Tool in Berkeley offer professional sharpening services.

Miyabi Birchwood Slicer - I've used this knife for nearly a decade. Its birchwood handle provides a comfortable grip, and the knife is lighter than the Masamoto Yanagiba. Miyabi knives are generally double-beveled, making them suitable for various cutting tasks.

Additional Tools: Nori Seaweed Containers

In need of a container to store your Nori seaweed? Look no further! These are the same containers used by sushi chefs in restaurants:

Seaweed Container Sushi Nori Kan (black, full) - This handmade tin Nori can features straight corners and is designed to hold full-size Nori sheets.

Seaweed Container Sushi Nori Kan, (orange, half) - This handmade tin Nori can features straight corners and is designed to hold full-size Nori sheets.

These tools will enhance your sushi-making experience, ensuring you have everything you need to create delicious and authentic sushi at home.

Happy cooking!

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