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Living Without A Heart Is Like Eating Sushi Without Rice

Spontaneity. Unexpected. Serendipity. Amazement.

These are some of the words this picture means to me.

I am conducting team building sushi class at the beautiful custom designed European Kitchen Appliances showroom.

I show an advanced knife skill, Katsuramuki to peel cucumber thin.

She takes on the challenge and gives it a go. I see she is doing great, considering this is her first time doing Katsuramuki (it's extremely difficult!)

I congratulate her and ask, "You are doing such a fantastic job. Can I take your picture?"

"Sure," she says.

When I point my camera, she quickly grabs the peeled cucumber and makes this heart shape, smiling at the camera.

Her child-like mischievous playfulness delights me—a nice surprise.

I decide to make this photo into a postcard to send to our customers.

Months go by. I find this email.

"Hello, I am the one in this picture. My colleague tells me now he saw me on your company postcard. Is that true?"

As I stir the computer screen, I am thinking, "Oh no, maybe she is saying she doesn't want to be on the postcard, or she didn't give us permission to do so? (we do have everyone sign the waiver....)"

"Would you mind sending me some of your postcards? I'd like to show it to my friends!


Breakthrough Sushi offers online and in-person sushi classes, live sushi bar catering.

For team building and private inquiries, please send us an email.

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