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Jason smiles

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Occasionally, there are moments that etch a special place in my life. Let me share a recent encounter that left a mark on me.

"Hey there, how many tables are you thinking of today?" Jason's friendly voice greets me as I wheel the equipment into the stylish bar lounge at Hotel Kabuki.

"I think four would be perfect," I reply.

"Sure thing, Kaz. I'll get those all set up for you," Jason responds with a warm smile.

Ever since Hotel Kabuki started hosting our public sushi class back in February 2023, Jason has been our go-to guy for setting up. He arranges tables, and clears glasses from the lounge area – he's a real pro.

Watching Jason lay down fresh tablecloths, I realize something special about him: he's always wearing a smile. I can't recall a time I've seen him without it. Even with two decades in the food and hospitality industry, I can't think of anyone else who radiates positivity quite like Jason does.

Now, don't get me wrong, Jason's not walking around grinning all day long (that would be a little odd). He's human, after all. But whenever I cross paths with him, that smile is right there, beaming away.

It's a good lesson for me, considering I'm not exactly known for my constant grin. If you've attended my class, you've probably seen my more serious side. Though it helps when I crack a joke, it doesn't always translate to casual conversations. Jason's a living reminder that I could sprinkle a bit more cheer into my daily interactions.

So, I've made a personal commitment to wear a smile as much as I can when engaging with others. Starting right now.

"Hey, Jason, you know what I really respect about you? Your perpetual smile," I share.

He chuckles, "Well, thanks, Kaz. I once had someone tell me, 'Never lose that smile of yours.'"

If you want to meet the shining Jason in person, come join us at Hotel Kabuki for our public sushi class. We're running these classes four times a month until the end of 2023. Check out the schedule here and let's have some sushi-making fun together! You can also purchase a gift card and send it to your friends.

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