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Make Sushi at Home: Salmon Avocado Roll (Chumaki, Medium Seaweed Out Roll, 4pc)

Updated: Aug 2, 2023


Total: 35 - 40 minutes

Sushi Rice: 30 - 40 minutes

Rolling: 5 minutes

One common question in sushi is: What qualifies as Sushi/Sashimi Grade Fish? While the answer is not straightforward, the general rule is that sushi-grade fish is safe for raw consumption. However, it's important to note that there is no official definition for sushi-grade fish in the US. To ensure the safety of wild salmon, it is recommended to freeze it in a commercial freezer for around 24 hours. If you buy salmon from a local store and freeze it at home, it should be frozen for about 7 days according to FDA guidelines. Keep in mind that the condition of the salmon at the time of purchase is unknown when it comes to home freezing.

Different types of fish have other requirements for raw consumption. Tuna varieties like Yellowfin, Bigeye, and Bluefin are generally safe to eat raw when fresh. Fish such as Mackerel (Saba) require curing in salt and sugar. It's important to note that most Cod is unsuitable for raw consumption, even frozen. To learn more about this topic, refer to the accompanying article.

To play it safe, look for salmon labeled "Sushi Grade" or "Sashimi Grade." If sushi-grade salmon is unavailable, you can substitute it with smoked salmon for this recipe.

INGREDIENTS (for one roll):

  • 200g (1cup) Sushi Rice (use this recipe)

  • 1 Nori Seaweed, half sheet

  • 30 - 50 g (1 - 1.5 oz.) Sushi Grade Salmon or Smoked Salmon (to cure Salmon, use this recipe)

  • 2 -3 pcs Avocado, sliced ½ inch thick

  • 5g (1 tbs) Wasabi


  • Cutting Board

  • Knife

  • Makisu, Sushi Rolling Mat


(How to spread rice for Chumaki Medium Roll, Steps 1 - 12)

  1. Moisten the cutting board by wiping it with a wet towel.

  2. Place the half sheet of nori horizontally, with the rough side facing up.

  3. Moisten your hands.

  4. Take a tennis ball-sized amount of sushi rice, approximately 200g.

  5. Spread the sushi rice horizontally, applying pressure with the bottom part of your left palm.

  6. Make a "U" shape to guide the sushi rice using your right hand, covering the top half to 2/3 of the nori.

  7. Rhythmically turn your left hand three times to cover the top portion of the nori with rice, leaving 1/2 inch/1cm blank at the top.

  8. Clean your hands with a wet towel and dip your fingers in the water.

  9. Continue spreading the rice, leaving 1/8 inch/3mm blank on the right side.

  10. Spread the rice, ensuring 1/8 inch/3mm is left on the bottom edge.

  11. Rotate the nori counterclockwise by 90 degrees.

  12. Place the filling below the center of the nori.

  13. Roll the nori from the bottom up, tightly sealing it with your fingers.

  14. Place a Makisu over the roll and seal it tightly.

  15. Cut the roll into four pieces.

  16. Plate and serve.

(Salmon Avocado Roll, Steps 13 - 16)


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