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Is Monday the worst day of the week to eat out at a Japanese restaurant?

(Originally posted on Quora)

Yes and no. I worked for sushi restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco. All the fish suppliers in both cities are closed on Sundays, which means that if the restaurant is open on Sundays, the fish they serve is at least a day old. There are many fish suppliers who are open and deliver fish on Mondays including IMP, True World, Nishimoto, JFC, and ABS Seafood. (Along with Aloha Seafood and Monterey Fish Market in San Francisco.) Now, the question is just because the fish is more than a day old, does that mean it's not good? Contrary to the popular belief "the fresher the fish, the better it is," not all fish tastes the best when it is fresh, especially for sushi.

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