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Sushi Bar Worth Crossing the World For - Mizutani, Tokyo

UPDATE: Sushi Mizutani has closed its door on October 29, 2016.

Hachiro Mizutani spent 16 years under Jiro Ono at Sukiyabashi Jiro. He started his sushi training at age of 15, working at “Yoshino” which was considered to be one of the top three sushi restaurants in Japan. At Yoshino, Mizutani met Jiro, who was a senior apprentice. After Jiro had opened his second sushi bar, he asked Mizutani to work for him. Eventually, he too opened his own restaurant in Yokohama until moved to Ginza district of Tokyo to open ten seater reservation only sushi bar. Mizutani has received three stars from Michelin and for some, is considered to be the best and better sushi than Sukiyabashi Jiro. What makes it better than Jiro’s sushi? One says it is Mr. Mizutani’s personality and especially his wife, which helps wait tables at the restaurant. If you are unfamiliar with Japanese style of waiting tables, then it’s very likely you will find Ms. Mizutani’s serving style unsatisfying. She is rather quiet and seems unfriendly and perhaps non-entertaining compared to American counterpart. As for the fish, Mr. Mizutani shares the same Tuna supplier as Jiro-san.


Seiwa Silver Building B1F, 9-2-10 Ginza, Chou-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 +81 3 3573 5258

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