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Your complete guide to sushi classes in San Francisco bay area

We offer public classes time to time. (for our upcoming classes, please see our Events Calendar.) However, some people have told us that sushi classes in San Francisco are hard to find. So, we decide to put together a list of Sushi classes in Bay Area for you. DELICA Master Chef Classes

Ferry Building, San Francisco At this Japanese deli in Ferry Building, Executive Sushi Chef Mikiko Ando leads Sushi Classes: Sushi 101 Beginner, Sushi 102 Advanced-Beginner and 103 for advanced. All classes are Hands-on and making roll, nigiri to sashimi. They have classes coming up in February and March 2013. $100 Nombe

Mission, San Francisco At this Japanese Izakaya (Tapas), Mari Takahashi leads sushi making class. The sushi class is a great introduction into the art of sushi making. Participants will learn the history of sushi, types of sushi, how to make proper sushi rice, how to roll Hosomaki, Uramaki, and Futomaki. Instruction on how to slice fish for sashimi and sushi, and how to make Nigiri will also be taught. $80 Kitchen on Fire

Berkeley Founded in 2005 by seasoned restaurateur and author Olivier Said of Cesar and popular chef instructor and caterer Chef MikeC. of Party Lifestyle, Kitchen on Fire® is located in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto in the Epicurious Garden. They offer variety of cooking classes including sushi class taught by Chef Chat Mingkwan. They have one class coming up on February 26, 2013. Drager’s Market Cooking School

Blackhawk Drager’s is a Market started in 1903. Now serving at four Bay Area Locations, it has been consistently voted "Best Of" or "Reader's 1st Choice" by their community newspaper readers. They offer a variety of cooking classes besides sushi classes. SUSHI 101 Taught by Alan Hirahara, who spent 12 years at Shogun sushi bar in Mammoth Lakes, California, working up to head sushi chef. He has been running his own sushi catering business since 2001. Monday, March 11, and April 08, 2013, 6:30PM. $75.00

Sur La Table

Palo Alto At this culinary store, Sushi 101 is taught by Terrina Wong. Sushi Rice - California Roll - Spicy Salmon Roll – Hand Rolls. They have a class coming up on February 15 and April 27 (taught by Carlyn Whitaker) at 5PM. $79 Cucina Bambini

San Jose Cucina Bambini is a children's hands-on cooking school. They offer sushi classes for children as well as adults. Did we miss anyone? If you know a sushi class in San Francisco Bay Area that we missed, let everyone know by leaving the information in the comment below.

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