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Kaz studied graphic design and fine arts at Iowa State University and holds B.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts. Kaz worked as a graphic designer after graduating from college. He designed numerous Hollywood movie posters for several years and then decided to put a hold on his graphic design career to become a sushi chef in order to begin his quest for food culture.


When his friend saw Kaz's approach in cooking was same as the one in graphic design, he realized cooking inspiration came from watching "Galloping Gourmet" by Graham Kerr on TV in Japan. Kaz never dreamed of meeting Graham in person several decades later.


In 2008, Kaz started teaching Sushi Classes for professional chefs, as well as for private clients, while helping his chef friend's private events. In 2011, he launched Team Building Sushi Class Business, which became a popular service for corporate clients in San Francisco Bay Area. Kaz is the first person in the US to start the Sustainable Team Building Sushi Class Company.


Kaz gained sushi and culinary experience at various restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco such as Ozumo San Francisco and Greens Restaurant. Kaz has since taught sushi making to over 15,000 people.

Kaz was invited to become a board member for the San Francisco Professional Food Society. He served as a communications & web co-chair.


He is a naturalized U.S. Citizen and fluent in English and Japanese.

Weiwen Ken Wen Miele


Master Sushi Class Instructor, Sustainable Management Chief, 

Garde Manager Chef

Ken has been with breakthrough sushi since 2014 and has over 15 years of sushi experience, working at a contemporary restaurant inside a luxury hotel, Kikka Sushi, as well as a chef at Whole Foods Market.  


He is skilled in sushi prep including sushi rice, filleting fish, cutting fish and making rolls and nigiri. He is an exceptional custodian and organizer. He speaks Chinese and English.


Breakthrough Sushi's operational success owes a great deal to Ken.

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